We Believe There Is A Better Way


A better way to make processes more efficient, people more productive and businesses more profitable.

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why we exist

We believe there’s always a better way for you to do what you do. A better way to reach your organization’s “Ideal State” and operate more profitably.  We exist to help you and your team close the gap from where you are – to where you want to be.

our method

We do this by helping you align who you are as an organization, with the space you work in and the technology you use. We call this Alignment Thinking™. We combine thought-leading experts, as well as innovative ideas, technology and storage systems to allow you and your people to thrive!

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Aligning Your People with the Space You Work In and the Technology You Use – Is a Better Way

  • business meeting sad expression bad negative gesture young teamwork

    Strategic Planning is Broken – 3 Ways to Fix it

    You’ve sat in those meetings before – “A Two-Day Offsite Event”, “Yearly-Strategic-Direction-Palooza”, “Company Steering Team Retreat”.  You may have even facilitated those meetings and I bet you still don’t really like them. Why? Why is it that we don’t really like planning?  Why don’t we want to chart new courses and brave new lands for […]
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  • Different business thinking and independent thinker concept and new leadership concept or individuality as a group of people cast shadows with the shadow of one businessman going in the opposite direction as a business icon for innovative thinking.

    Uber is Not a Disruptor

    Wait, what?  When you look up disruptor you’d expect to find a picture of a fun loving driver in a fun loving car driving around a fun loving person.  But, what if Uber is not really a disruptor.  What if Uber is an aligner? Now, you don’t hear the name “aligner” associated with a lot […]
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  • Improveimage

    Expensive Gear is Disappearing

    From the first meeting we knew there was a big problem.  Expensive gear – critical gear – was disappearing from a Department of Defense (DoD) unit, and it had to change immediately.  A challenge for every military unit is the need to be constantly “mission-ready” – meaning that when it’s time to go, they’re completely […]
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  • matt-video-frame

    Your Organization CAN Reach its Potential

    What would your business look like if it were perfect – I mean really ideal. Does it seem impossible – a fantasy, unrealistic and unattainable? At Improve Group we get up every morning because at our core, we believe there’s always a better way, and we exist to help organizations of all sizes get closer to […]
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