Matt Procter

Expert in Radical Alignment & Creative Problem Solving

As the president of Improve Group, Matt works every day to help organizations reach their maximum potential. For the last 17 years, Matt has made it his personal and corporate mission to help organizations ideally align every aspect of their operation to achieve remarkable impact and efficiency. In that time, he’s worked with world-class teams in the private, institutional and military sectors, and Improve Group has expanded throughout the U.S. and now into Europe. Matt travels the country sharing his industry-leading solutions and strategies to help organizations work as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Matt graduated from the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management in 2006. He loves all things biking, running and skiing, and he lives in New Mexico with his wife Ashley and three crazy boys.

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Stay Connected with Matt

Radical Alignment enables teams and organizations to be at their best.

Matt provides thinking and tools that produce real change.

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Spacesaver Plan Achievement Award


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Speaking Topics

Below is a sampling of Matt’s presentations. Contact Matt about tailoring presentations to suit your group’s needs.

The Power of Radical Alignment

When companies, institutions and teams are completely aligned to a compelling, shared vision, they get exponentially better returns. The complexity of the modern world creates more misalignment than ever before, so organizations that can harness the power of Radical Alignment have an undeniably bright future.

Radical Alignment drives better client experiences, higher profits, maximum efficiency and happy, engaged employees, so organizations can truly thrive.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

In a world of innovators like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, there is a battle happening between those that are going to disrupt the status quo and form new segments, and those that are going to be disrupted and move into obsolescence. This isn’t a battle you can sit out. How do you position your organization to be one of the disruptors? How do you find and execute on your next growth curve? We ask the hard questions so that you can break through the status quo and start leading the pack.

Your Clients are Setting You Up for Failure

If your job involves helping your client’s world improve, they may be (inadvertently) setting you up for, at best, missed potential, and at worst, failure. Today’s organizations are complicated. Really complicated. Every component of an organization depends on many other components for success. It’s an interconnected and interdependent world.

Yet so often these interconnected organizations manage individual components in silos. If you work with clients in one of those silos, there are other factors from other places affecting your work that aren’t easy to see or address. To deliver maximum results, it’s imperative to understand how each component and each silo works together and to align them to a common goal. Whether you’re a world class architect, a branding genius or a financial planning guru, there is enormous potential to not just incrementally improve your client’s world, but to radically change it by understanding and leveraging your work holistically.

What if at the end of an engagement with you, your client didn’t just get a better building, brand or financial plan … but a better business?

How to Get Your Best Culture: Radical Alignment

Your company’s culture is complicated — and it can make or break your organization. Every employee brings their own piece to the puzzle, so when someone or something is misaligned to your company’s vision, it undermines your employees’ experience and engagement, and ultimately it reduces the impact you make on the world around you. Radically aligning your company culture with your strategic vision helps your company stand out from the rest, ultimately making you more competitive and meaningful.

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