Organizational Alignment and Employee Alignment Solutions

Solving Misalignment


Radically Align Your People, Space and Technology To Reach Your Vision

At Improve Group we know there is always a better way to do business, and we help companies reach their potential by aligning their people, space and technology. Our turn-key solutions include full-service space designs, technology solutions, as well as employee engagement techniques that drive your organization towards a unified vision of success.

Radical Alignment is being used by organizations of all types and size including: hospitals, military bases and start-ups to create exponentially better results in their improvement initiatives!

Organizational Alignment and Creating Culture in the Workplace

We exist to help you and your team close the gap from where you are – to where you want to be. We do this by walking our client’s through a process of discovery where we work to define your Ideal State and then assist in building a roadmap to get there.

Once you know your Ideal State, we implement Radical Alignment. This involves aligning the key attributes of technology, space and people driving towards a transformational state of success.  Exponentially better results are achieved through alignment, much like a crew team rowing in perfect unison towards the finish line.

Get started by using our complimentary Radical Alignment Matrix to identify your challenges and begin the journey to achieving a more productive and profitable organization.

Tap into a Well of Solutions

As an authorized DIRTT partner, we offer design options that are quick, high-quality, cost efficient, and reconfigurable.
We help create smarter and more responsible uses of space by offering a variety of shelving and storage products by name-brand manufacturers.
We offer inventory and logistic tracking systems to ensure we provide a complete solution and create an optimized environment.
We align business activities and staff with the best software solutions to support productivity and positively impact profits.
We work with our clients to identify and define processes so that the work space is designed to accommodate alignment with business needs.
Engaged staff impact profits! We’ll walk employees through a ‘skill-to-value’ matrix to ensure they are positioned for success.

Start building the business you want now!