Organizational Alignment and Training Seminars


It’s All About Alignment

No matter the size of an organization, aligning all the people, space and technology can seem impossible. But alignment is critical to ensure that all parts of an organization are working together effectively to achieve a common goal.

7 out of 10
Company Employees


When an organization is aligned, the sum becomes greater than its parts.
Seven out of 10 employees (yes, even yours) are unknowingly misaligned with their company’s strategic direction.*

Alignment Leads To:

Empowered Employees

See employee satisfaction soar while turnover drops.

Better Time Management

Time to perform manual processes cut by 75%.

Optimal Use of Space

Your business thrives in less than 50% of the square footage.

Engaged Customers

Keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Labor Efficiency

66% more productivity without additional labor resources.

Managed Assets & Information

Find what you need when you need it.

Higher Profits

Increase margins by 33%.


Stop putting out fires and get in front of issues.

Our Proven Approach

People | Space | Technology

We build lasting, cost-effective ways to significantly improve speed, quality and efficiency.

Your People

Is everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction?
It starts with everyone knowing the reason the organization exists and how they contribute to its success. Without paying deliberate attention to this issue, most companies will be facing an uphill battle from day one.
Employee Alignment Solutions and Organizational Efficiency

Your Space

Are the walls closing in on you? Can’t find anything?
We think you would be surprised to see how much space you really have. After we’ve spent time evaluating how you use your documents and materials and designing a system that is simple and efficient, you’ll be doing more with less and operating at your best.
Radical Change for Business Growth and Strategic Use of Space

Your Technology

Is your technology working for you?
We embrace technology, but we also know that it works best when one system brings it all together so everyone, and everything, is on the same page. We utilize a variety of technologies (even inventing some if need be) to help you reach your organization’s true potential.
Business Intelligence Dashboard and Organizational Efficiency
There is a BETTER WAY to...
Make your processes and systems work more efficiently.
Make software work the way you do.
Have everything you need at your fingertips.
Design your space more effectively.
Generate ideas and identify next steps.
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