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It's time to stop wasting precious time and resources storing AIR.

Welcome to Ban-Air!  Ban-Air is all about all about utilizing the space you pay for to it's greatest capacity; banning air.  Ban-Air offers a plethora of cutting-edge solutions, and each one solves storage space problems of any and every size.  Ban-Air products include: Ban-Air IARS (Instantly Adjustable Rack System), Ban-Air RackMezz (Rack Supported Mezzanines), RackTent (Rack Supported Storage Tent), Ban-Air Rackbox, and Ban-Air Cargo Rack.  Every Ban-Air solution is created for improvement and upgrade.

Where is Ban-Air used?
Anywhere and everywhere.  The sad reality is that there is wasted storage space in any and every storage plan.  Ban-Air has revitalized storage spaces of all shapes and sizes.  Every project delivers freedom and redefines the storage game.  Ban-Air makes storage easier, cheaper, and ultimately utilizes space in infinitely better ways.

Why Ban Air?
Ban-Air is doing it first and best.  They are not first to the idea of mobilizing storage, but they are first to delivering it in such a revolutionary way.  Never before has there been the possibility to store so much, in such little time, and in such an efficient way.  Everything from the technologically dynamic storage capabilities of IARS, to the systematic capabilities of CargoRack, Ban-Air delivers cutting-edge inventions to transform any storage space.  


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