Hamilton Sorter Aluminum Framed and Laminate Consoles. From back room work environments all the way to the executive suite, we have consoles and work surfaces that are built to last and are aesthetically pleasing. That is a winning combination.

Aluminum framed consoles are designed for the toughest work environments. Our exclusive aluminum extrusions surround all vertical and horizontal surfaces and can’t chip or dent like painted metal. And designers appreciate the continuity of the ergonomically detailed work surface edge, an uninterrupted design element that protects and connects adjacent consoles.

For applications where the details and finishes of millwork construction are required, we offer laminate console bases in a range of standard or designer-specified finishes.

Consoles provide durable work surfaces and storage options for supporting mailing equipment or sort modules. They are available with a wide range of shelf and storage options, and a built-in track to securely lock sort modules in place. Mailroom technology and equipment is supported by work surfaces calibrated to the precise height required for stress free operation.

If you need a place to set your stuff, this is it.

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