Smart Lockers

Utilize computer technology when securing packages with Smart Lockers. Electronic locker systems with texting and emailing capabilities!

Smart Locker Systems are designed for use in multi-unit and high-rise residential buildings and dormitories. They provide a more economical method for management and distribution of packages to building residents. With the ability to track packages, you also improve chain of custody and make sure the parcels get to the proper recipient.

These smart lockers eliminate the need to manually log, store and retrieve packages for residents. As shipments come in, they are stored in a locker using a secure procedure. Residents are then notified of the delivery by text or email, so they know there is a package ready for pickup. They access the locker and retrieve their packages by entering a secure, unique authentication code or PIN number or by swiping their resident RFID card.

Features of Packaged Asset Delivery Lockers:

  • Designed to meet specific residential settings
  • Modular configuration and plug-and-play components
  • Easy to use LCD touch screen interface
  • Improves resident access with 24/7 availability
  • Compatible with RFID devices
  • Manual override for power outages and emergencies
  • Integrated image and image monitoring
  • Ship packages and mail using same interface
  • Perfect for dormitories, apartments and condominiums

Provide your residents with the peace of mind that when shipments arrive, they will receive instant notification and their parcels will be stored securely until the time of pickup.

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