How to Drive Organizational Impact Through the Radical Impact Platform

Matt Procter started working for Improve Group as a teenager for $6.50 an hour. “When you’re a junior in high school, $6.50 is like gold stacks of money,” Matt notes. “So I went in for an interview.” Since then, Matt has worked his way up through...
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You are Not Making a Big Enough Impact

Most companies make the mistake of defining business success in the same way that everyone else does in their industry. The problem with that is if you define success in a standard way, you make a standard impact. Why not, instead, think about...
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Don’t Make Resolutions, Make Lasting Change

The beginning of a New Year is an exciting time full of fresh ideas, energy and resolutions. The problem with New Year’s resolutions, though, is that they often fail after just a few weeks. They don’t last since they often involve drastic,...
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Creating a Culture of Agility in Your Business

Business agility is a buzzword these days. We all know the world is constantly changing and that companies need to be dynamic and flexible to adapt to the ever-changing global marketplace. It seems like we see daily reports of businesses that...
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Workflow Automation with IG Align

Our mission at Improve Group is to help companies find better, more optimized ways to run their business. One way we help organizations minimize inefficiencies, preserve resources and increase revenue is by implementing workflow automation. To do...
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Translating the Vision of Your Ideal Space into Reality

At Improve Group, we’re at the cutting-edge of custom prefabricated design and construction. We’re not only myopically focused on creating a beautiful space, rather we look at the big picture and integrate the space with the newest technologies...
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Libraries – Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

An ever-expanding sea of online information presents an existential threat to libraries, but it also presents an opportunity for this ancient and important institution to reinvent itself. The question of whether a library can stay relevant in the...
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How Radical Alignment can Reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), or infections that patients contract while receiving treatment in a healthcare facility, are a serious threat to patient safety. The statistics on HAIs are startling. An estimated 1.7 million infections...
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Approaching Technology as an Inter-dependent Piece of the Puzzle

At Improve Group we don’t look at technology in a vacuum, rather we see a company much like a puzzle with the primary pieces being the space, people and technology. Consequently, tech is just one interdependent piece in the puzzle which must...
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The Regret of Open Offices, and How to Fix It

There has been a vocal backlash against open office environments lately. Over the years, about 70% of US offices have embraced an open floor plan, and during that time a mounting body of evidence has shown that these work environments reduce...
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Radical Alignment Can Help Schools Keep Kids Engaged on a Limited Budget

It’s “Back to School” time again. During this time of year, our attention turns to the education of the next generation of leaders, creators, and movers-and-shakers. We all know the education of our youth is of the utmost importance to society,...
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