DIRTT BLOG | Reshaping our Built Environment: Integration, not Segregation

At Improve Group, we strive for greater integration in the process of constructing our built environment. Regardless of a project size and scale, we are continually inspired to look at challenges from a different perspective and seek to find solutions for a better experience in the world. Using a toolbox of materials, time, navigation, and technology, IG refabricates the buildings we spend our lives within.

Materials | Pre-fabrication allows us to rethink how we utilize building materials while providing an alternative to traditional construction methods. Pre-fabrication, is defined as ‘the practice of assembling components of a structure in a factory or other manufacturing site, and transporting complete assemblies to the construction site where the structure is to be located.’ This new process of manufacturing establishes a foundation in our role of assembling and integrating different building materials.

Time | We are time hackers, both speeding up and slowing down time at strategic moments to maximize our design process. This is a crucial aspect to pre-fabrication and in working to improve the spaces we inhabit. There are processes that can be sped up greatly in construction, but thinking, observation and interaction with a client still needs to happen and significant time needs to be devoted to establishing a project dialogue. Time is our secret tool in the world of integration.

Navigation | Along with being time hackers, we are also explorers navigating through complex bureaucratic systems. We look at these systems from many vantage points, which allows us new perspective and greater clarity. IG is constantly looking for opportunities to improve a particular process and operate along a pathway, not as a fixed solution. Our pathways find escape routes within dead end systems.

Technology | We immersive ourselves in spaces of virtual reality by using 3-D BIM software as our design backbone. This software not only creates the CNC file that hits the factory floor, but it also allows for animated fly-throughs and VR with the client. Everyone involved can ‘see and experience’ the space before construction begins. This enhances the design process and allows everyone to be integrated into the conversation.

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