Don’t Make Resolutions, Make Lasting Change

Resolutions_Pic-300x225.jpgThe beginning of a New Year is an exciting time full of fresh ideas, energy and resolutions. The problem with New Year’s resolutions, though, is that they often fail after just a few weeks. They don’t last since they often involve drastic, unrealistic habit change. We try to go from working out 0 times per week to working out 7 times per week. But maybe there is a better way. Instead, focus on a few, small changes that can be consistently achieved and that can put you on a path to achieve long-term results.

If one of your goals in 2018 is for yourself, your team, and your organization to make a bigger impact, it may be worth spending some effort on Alignment.

Alignment is beyond simple. It’s the idea that if you can get every attribute of your company explicitly driving toward your goals you’ll get exponentially better results. Alignment is best accomplished not in enormous steps that are hard to maintain, but in small achievable changes in behavior. Here are three that you can start with:

#1 – Stop Thinking in Silos

Every time you are faced with something that you need to improve in your organization, stop and think about how the people, space and technology are affected. For instance, let’s say you get repeated complaints about a conference room. Don’t just look at the physical space; examine how technology could be incorporated or updated in the room, how and why people use the space as well as any processes that might need to be created for the use of the room.

In the complexity of 2018 few problems exist as just space, technology, or organizational issues. They always cross into other functional areas, yet we often take a myopic approach to solving them. This approach leads to problems that won’t go away for good. Just change the habit from myopic problem solving to always intentionally addressing the other areas that may be impacting the obvious issue. It’s a habit change that doesn’t take any more time, but can make a significant difference.

#2 – Align How You Spend Your Time

A wise person once said, “The only thing you have control over is how you spend your time.” If you spend time constantly reacting to problems rather than proactively achieving your goals, then you are not optimizing the way you spend your precious time and energy.

This New Year, try and be intentional about using your valuable resources to get to your Ideal State. When you focus on one thing at a time, you can make a big impact at affecting change. If, however, you try and spend time on 20 things at once, you will make little to no impact on any of them.

#3 – Start Measuring Your Definition of Success

Often business leaders have a vague notion of what they want to achieve. They’ll say unclear things like, “We want growth this year.” It is critical to define your organization’s reason for existence and the impact that you want to make in the world. You need to know what your Ideal State is in order to know when you have reached it.

So this New Year, why not make the resolution to stop making resolutions? It’s far better to make small, gradual changes that build into large improvements over time.


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