Translating the Vision of Your Ideal Space into Reality

At Improve Group, we’re at the cutting-edge of custom prefabricated design and construction. We’re not only myopically focused on creating a beautiful space, rather we look at the big picture and integrate the space with the newest technologies and optimize every square foot to add functionality and comfort for the people using it.

Our needs analysis process starts by having detailed conversations with our clients about what is holding them back from fully aligning their organization. Then we examine the technologies and systems that are already in place and find ways to improve workflow, update and integrate new technology where needed, and enhance collaboration with our state-of-the-art DIRTT interior solutions.

This aligned design process continues with an onsite visit and walk-through with the client where our expert designers can examine the specific context of the space. We then use our 3D visual design software, called ICE, to create true-to-life interactive 3D layouts that put our clients into the space we are designing, and offers a more advanced visual experience than the 2D drawings often provided. Once clients can virtually enter the space, we are able to collaborate and modify details of the design in real time. In addition, a walk through animation video of the entire space can be created to give clients a full visual understanding of the look and feel of the design, to mitigate any uncertainties that may still exist to ensure the design meets expectations.

Our ICE software allows us to seamlessly move from the design phase into the production phase since the software turns plans into production information and calculates pricing in real time. A file is sent to the factory and the space solutions are created to exact specifications, then delivered and installed in accordance with your construction schedule.

Our prefabrication technology, where the interior space solutions are built in the factory then brought on site and installed, allows for higher levels of sustainability and precision. Walls are specified to the 64th of an inch, which is vastly more exact than conventional, on-site construction. Our alternative construction methodology also has a huge impact on reducing construction waste, since materials don’t need to be cut and re-cut on-site.

On top of our cutting-edge design, production, and installation methodology, our innovative products are pushing the frontiers of space functionality and flexibility.

Tech Walls

One of our most successful areas of development using DIRTT products includes our “Tech Walls”. These specialized builds allow us to seamlessly embed audio-visual systems, control panels, conferencing systems, digital classrooms, high-end white boards and virtual reality rooms.

Willow Glass

DIRTT worked with Corning to create a revolutionary new glass surface that can be integrated into a wall. A high definition image can be printed onto this surface; it is writable, magnetic and totally different from a painted wall.


Leaf Walls

Foldable, accordion walls allow for spatial reconfiguration and flexibility. They are not only practical, but can also integrate Tech Walls or Willow Glass into it.




Creating a space from scratch or reconfiguring an existing space is a large and complicated project. Our experts simplify and streamline this potentially overwhelming process for our clients with our cutting-edge construction methodology. Reach out to the Improve Group and let our team of experts lead you through the process, and find out how your space can be not only attractive and functional, but optimized to meet your organization’s productivity needs.

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