Workflow Automation with IG Align

Our mission at Improve Group is to help companies find better, more optimized ways to run their business. One way we help organizations minimize inefficiencies, preserve resources and increase revenue is by implementing workflow automation. To do this we examine existing business processes, such as approvals, requests, assignments and claims that were once handled manually and help companies digitally organize and manage them.

There are many benefits to adopting a great workflow automation solution. Human errors are greatly reduced that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address. Communication is improved since notifications and status updates keep all team members informed and staff no longer needs to notify each other when an action is complete. Costs are reduced with the establishment of a streamlined, automated process that optimizes valuable time and resources. On top of that, real-time insight and reporting becomes available which can improve decision-making methods.

At Improve Group, we’ve created an easy and secure workflow automation platform called IG Align. It is a database driven menu system, which is easy to deploy and use, for inventory management, customer satisfaction feedback, and document tracking. It provides a flexible set of capabilities that can quickly be configured to meet businesses’ needs.

Here are three examples of how we’ve helped businesses implement workflow automation with IG Align.

Distribution Automation

Edge Endo is a dental supply company that uses IG Align software to assist the “Pick, Pack and Ship” team by streamlining the process of filling orders. A customer places an order online and IG Align queries and accesses the order information and loads it into the platform. The Pick, Pack and Ship team then gathers the ordered items and uses barcode scanners to check each item off the list. The system notifies the user if an order is overfilled or under-filled, and allows for substitutions of items when needed. There are numerous dashboard statistics and strategic reports built in and IG Align creates an invoice for each order.

Customer Feedback Tracking

Dion’s Pizza is a company that goes above and beyond the norm to please its customers. Since Dion’s highest priority is to make all of their customers happy, it makes sense that they use IG Align software to track customer feedback – both kudos and complaints. Their website invites clients to make comments on their feedback form, which integrates with IG Align. If there is a complaint, the manager at the restaurant is sent a text message and the headquarters gets an email. Unsatisfied customers are offered credit for future meals, and the software tracks every aspect of the transaction including how much is credited and when the client uses it. In this way, every grievance is turned into an opportunity to make the customer not just satisfied, but happy.

Document Workflow Tracking

Desert Hills, New Mexico’s Premier Provider of Mental Health Treatment for Adolescents, uses IG Align software to track the creation and resolution of needed documents. When a new client comes in, there are two dozen documents that need to be completed on that individual. The IG Align system sends reminders to each staff member regarding the specific documents that employees need to complete on the new client. Reminders continue on a periodic basis (the time frame is configurable for each document type) until the documents are completed. This is a tremendous benefit for the well being of the clients and for breezing through audits.

The advantages from implementing a workflow automation solution into your company are substantial. With the right platform, processes can be streamlined, errors reduced or eliminated, customers satisfied, and revenue increased. Reach out to the Improve Group and find out how we can customize a system that will help drive your business on the road to success.

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