Simon Sinek: Start with “Why”

In this video, Simon Sinek challenges individuals and organizations with the idea that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” It is by starting and communicating the “why” that an organization can inspire others, both employees and customers, to grow their business. Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of the concept and importance of starting with “why.”


The future of work is not about dull routine… It’s about being more human. Gamestorming is a set of best practices compiled from the world’s most innovative people and companies, condensed into a lightweight, low-tech toolkit that applies tools and rules to the problems of collaboration and teamwork. The approach is a mashup of game principles, game mechanics and work. It’s a set of methods for inventors, explorers and change agents. A practice made of people, paper and passion. It’s for people who want to design the future, to change the world, to make, create and innovate. And it’s been compiled into a book by Dave Gray, James Macanufo and Sunni Brown, published by O’Reilly Media.

Video by XPLANE. Learn more about Gamestorming at www.gamestorming.com.

The Ideal State

At our core, we believe there’s always a better way. A world in which people, teams and organizations operate at their potential is a world we all want to live in, and the cost of not living to our collective potential is really high. So the question for all of us really is, what does it look like to reach our potential? At Improve Group, we’re all about helping organizations understand what their ideal state could be and charting an easy-to-follow path to get there.


The most successful organizations in the world are the ones that are most aligned. Alignment happens when every attribute is intentionally reinforcing a compelling vision and the right ideal state. What if you had a step-by-step roadmap to guide your path to the best version of your organization? What if your whole team had real ownership in where you’re going and how to get there? What if you could unleash growth, have more profit, happier employees and customers, and fewer fires to put out? The key to that reality is complete and radical alignment. The Better Way Day is the way to get there.