Organizational Alignment and Creating Culture with Employee Alignment Solutions

Better Way Day

Unite your organization’s vision and get everyone moving together with aligned goals!

Better Way Day provides a focused, high-impact, facilitated workshop to help your organization uncover its true potential, eliminating stagnation and inefficiency and strategically disrupting the status quo to make room for real innovation. We work with you to ask the right questions, envision your Ideal State and build a realistic plan to get there.

Nobody starts a business to be mediocre. We know there is A Better Way.

Find out how you can get better, make more money and become an industry leader.

How it works

Optimization of Organizations and Culture Optimization with Employee Alignment Solutions

Step 1: Firestarter

First, we work to uncover your organization’s vision and the potential impact you can make in the world around you.
Training Seminars and Employee Alignment Solutions and Organizational Alignment

Step 3: Design

Now we bring in the best subject matter experts and design creative, effective solutions to bring your People, Space and Technology into alignment.
Employee Alignment Solutions and Culture Optimization with Better Way Day

Step 2: Discover

Here, we start to articulate your Ideal State, determining where you have misalignments and drilling to the core of the things truly holding you back.
Employee Alignment Solutions and Training Seminars with Organizational Alignment

Step 4: Road Map

Finally, you get a practical, step-by-step guide with everything you need to ensure your single steps work together to arrive at your destination — the Ideal State.
The Better Way Day experience pulled the best out of our team. We were able to identify future pitfalls, but more importantly, we were able to visualize together the ideal future we wanted to create. The Improve Group team were excellent facilitators. Our sessions covered a lot of ground very quickly. I was surprised about how productive we were able to be. The biggest benefit was that the ideas were created as a team, and that empowered our team to push forward as a team.

- Nate Bush

After going through the Better Way Day and having the RoadMap that it produces, you can make better decisions about how to improve your business. Often this includes:

  • more valuable employee training, including how to use email better, implement new processes and manage information/records more effectively
  • completely aligned space, including getting more value out of your square feet using modular construction techniques and managing assets/equipment
  • access to relevant market databases and networks
  • converting, digitizing and organizing your documents as well as integrating IT services
  • and much, much more!
Transform a Project with Employee Alignment Solutions and Creating Culture

Start becoming the business you want to be now.

It’s not hard to admit your organization could be better. What’s hard is taking the steps to make the necessary changes come to fruition — but the reward is remarkable. How much more potential can you afford to waste?