Education Solutions

Turn-Key Support for Impacting Academic Achievement

There is a revolution happening in education. Schools are increasingly using technology, collaborative spaces, virtual classrooms, makerspaces and much more to customize learning to each student.

We specialize in turn-key buildouts and solutions such as:

  • DIRTT Modular Interior Construction
  • Media Storage Cabinets
  • Smart Lockers
  • Teacher or Student Lounges
  • Personal Storage Lockers
  • Mobile Shelving Systems
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Library Design & Bookcases
  • Technology Learning Centers
  • Athletic Storage & Locker Rooms
  • File Storage Solutions
  • Classroom Design & Furniture

Aligning a school’s space, technology and staff creates an environment to support professional success and directly impacts academic results for students.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

We offer clients multiple storage and technology solutions to organize and secure documents, equipment, weapons, inventory, and much more.
Need to do more with less? We can help! Many of our solutions are available on purchasing contracts including GSA and TexasDIR so no need to destroy the budget.
Our approach includes understanding our client’s challenge then crafting a step-by-step path that aligns space, technology and people to create a viable process.
Find a Better Way! Our consultants use Silicone Valley tools and a unique process to identify misalignment and chart a path to make your ideal state a reality.
We work with our clients to assess the space, and identify the ideal state. Once defined, we’ll create a turn-key solution that will optimize the work environment.
Time is a limited commodity and directly impacts the bottom-line. Unleash growth and achieve happier customers and employees by creating an aligned environment.

Radical Alignment is the perfect tool to look at all of the elements within an educational institution, such as staff, processes, space and culture. Improve Group can identify areas where they can be fine tuned to better achieve goals.

There is a Better Way!

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