Radical Change for Business Growth and Optimization for Organizations

Aligning People to Create a Successful Work Environment

Our Radical Alignment Launch provides a focused, high-impact process to harness your team’s creativity, skill and motivation to drive your company towards success. The workshop helps establish a culture of collaboration and team investment in your organization’s goals. Our experts guide your team to envision the ideal future they want to create within their company which enables them to invest in ownership of the overarching vision, and gives deeper meaning to their place within the organization.

Radical Alignment and Electric Mobile Shelving
Disengagement Globally

*Poll indicates that ¼ of workers are disengaged globally.

More Profitable

*Impact on profitability is greater with engaged employees.

More Productive

*Impact on productivity is greater with engaged employees.

Employee Alignment Solutions and Space Alignment Services

Key Tools Used to Initiate Change:

Radical Alignment Matrix

Radical Alignment Matrix Form
Using the Radical Alignment Matrix, we guide you in identifying, clarifying and communicating your business’s goals and the impact that achieving those goals will make for your customers and for your business. We call this overarching vision of success a company’s “Ideal State.”

Culture Map Matrix

Culture Map Matrix Screen Shot
With our Culture Map Matrix we examine the critical components of your organization’s culture that may be holding employees back from fully engaging with and investing in the company vision and driving it towards success.

Alignment Readiness Survey

Alignment Readiness Form Screen Shot
Our Alignment Readiness Survey is used to take inventory of your organization, and assess which attributes are both actively and unintentionally misaligned to the Ideal State. We then use this data to build a road-map to achieve your organization’s Ideal State.

Skill to Value Matrix

Skill to Value Matrix Screenshot
During Radical Alignment Launch, our analysis process includes having employees create a “skill to value matrix.” This process involves asking them to make a list of the skills that they are best at, and then another list of their talents that bring the most value to the organization. We then have them plot a chart to see how the two intersect in order to identify the activities where the individual excels and brings high value to the organization.

Work on the Business
Not in the Business

Employee Alignment Solutions and Space Saver Solutions
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