Radical Change for Business Growth and Radical Impact Program

Offering Off-the-Shelf and Custom Technology Solutions

At Improve Group we don’t look at technology in a vacuum, rather we look at it from an alignment perspective. For this reason we approach our needs assessment process differently than most. We view our client’s needs holistically and we only implement a technology solution if it drives the company on the road towards its Ideal State. This can involve making an intelligent decision about which off-the-shelf solution to buy, creating a custom solution, or a combination of both.

Space Saver Solutions and Employee Alignment Solutions with Improve Group
Radical Change for Business Growth and Radical Impact Program

Evidence Lockers and Employee Alignment Solutions

Asset Management

Being able to track assets can impact businesses in many areas including: liability, security, profitability and productivity. Off-the -shelf products we work with include asset management technology solutions from Filetrail, KeyTrak, ColorBar and SmartTrack. Solutions can be implemented and/or customized to manage a range of products such as surgical equipment, vehicles and weapons.
Gear Storage and Space Alignment Services with Radical Impact Program

Inventory Storage & Automation

We have the capabilities to develop and implement unique and customized solutions when needed. Speed Issue is an example of a fully custom solution we created to support efficient equipment distribution for Central Issue Facilities at Ft. Carson, Colorado and Ft. Bliss, Texas. We worked with key leaders to understand their challenges and requirements then designed the needed software which included shelving solutions, queuing mechanisms and inventory management.
Employee alignment Solutions and Space Saver Solutions with Lean Lift

Workflow/Process Automation

Profitability is impacted through use of technology to streamline and automate processes and workflows. We work with our clients to understand their business model and needs then design technology solutions that support a productive environment. LogiTag and IG Align are a few of the products we’ve utilized that offer a variety of options.
Military Store Containers and Radical Change for Business Growth

KPI Metric Dashboard

Because we understand the big picture, we are adept at identifying technology to fill the gaps that off-the-shelf solutions can’t quite solve. An invaluable outcome of our Radical Alignment process is the identification of critical business intelligence such as: logistics, inventory, maintenance, and training. Once these Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are defined, we architect and implement a KPI system to mine information from your existing data systems to generate highly visible, actionable dashboards.
Employee Alignment Solutions and Radical Impact Program

AV & Control System Integration

Use of monitors, smart white boards are other AV solutions are paramount for business activities. We easily coordinate technology solutions with our space solutions to create an optimum work environment. For example, we can create beautiful modular DIRTT tech walls, which allow us to embed audio visual control systems, conferencing systems, digital classrooms or even virtual reality rooms into a space.

Approaching Technology as an
Inter-dependent Piece of the Puzzle

Radical Change for Business Growth and Medical Procedure Carts with Employee Alignment
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