Records Management

Employee Alignment and Space Saver Solutions provided by Improve Group

When should information be treated as a record? It’s a complicated issue.

Filing Storage and Access:
Custom Folders and Pockets: Filing solutions that saves your time and your sanity.
ColorBar Label Printing Software: Suite of color labeling products to produce labels with ease and flexibility.

Electronic Storage and Access:
FileTrail: Records Management, Barcode and RFID Tracking Solution.

Our staff of Certified Records Managers (CRM), software experts and conversion specialists come alongside your team to develop a records management program that reduces legal risk and brings more to the bottom line. Does your organization know when documents can be destroyed? When can they be archived? Often companies use valuable floor and server space storing documents that may not have any business or regulatory reason to remain active. How is your organization applying technology to your records management? Are records accessible throughout the organization at the right time and place?

Improve Group, employee alignment solutions, will help you answer these questions. An intelligent records management solution is a combination of process management, technology implementation, and policy development that manages all types of corporate documents whether in the file room, email inbox or on a server with a business intelligence dashboard.

Records Management and Employee Alignment Solutions and Radical Alignment with Improve Group
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