For the last 17 years, Matt Procter has made it his personal and corporate mission to help organizations ideally align every aspect of their operation to achieve remarkable impact and efficiency. As president of Improve Group, he has worked with world-class teams in the private, institutional and military sectors to achieve maximum potential.

A graduate of the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management, he has led Improve Group’s expansion from Albuquerque to engagements throughout the U.S. and Europe. Matt travels the globe sharing his industry-leading solutions and strategies to help organizations work smoothly and efficiently using the methodology and practical tools he has created under the umbrella of Radical Alignment.

Matt is a polished and engaging speaker and is available to share his expertise and message of alignment  in multiple forums and events on topics such as:


We’re currently evaluating new opportunities and will post Matt’s future presentations as soon as his 2018 schedule is finalized. Should you like to discuss a speaking engagement for your organization, please feel free to reach out.



Electrify your audience with Matt’s proven strategy for effecting real and lasting organizational change. Contact us today to schedule a presentation or breakout session for 5-1000+ attendees  or reach out to us directly to discuss how we can tailor a topic specifically to your organization.

The Power of Radical Alignment

When companies, institutions and teams are completely aligned to a compelling, shared vision, they get exponentially better returns. The complexity of the modern world creates more misalignment than ever before, so organizations that can harness the power of Radical Alignment have an undeniably bright future.

Radical Alignment drives better client experiences, higher profits, maximum efficiency and happy, engaged employees, so organizations can truly thrive.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

In a world of innovators like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, there is a battle happening between those that are going to disrupt the status quo and form new segments, and those that are going to be disrupted and move into obsolescence. This isn’t a battle you can sit out. How do you position your organization to be one of the disruptors? How do you find and execute on your next growth curve? We ask the hard questions so that you can break through the status quo and start leading the pack.

Silos Only Belong on Farms

Today’s organizational problems require fresh solutions. The complexity of the modern world creates more misalignment than ever before, therefore the old “silo” tactic of “fixing” manufacturing or finance or sales or human resources in isolation no longer works. The organizations that lead the pack are going to be completely aligned to a compelling, shared vision. Using& Radical Alignment, the entire organization is positioned to get exponentially better returns.

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