Fort Carson Central Issue Facility (CIF)

Colorado Springs, CO

For the Army, the Central Issue Facility (CIF) is the operation that issues all of the individual equipment to our soldiers. The CIF in Fort Carson, CO, had to move from a 70,000-square-foot facility to a 30,000-square-foot one — more than half the size — so they enlisted our help.

Improve Group approached this challenge as more than simply a space issue. We had the opportunity to also improve the entire facility’s efficiency from beginning to end for a better use of the Army’s time and resources and an improved experience for both the employees and soldiers.

Improve Group implemented several innovative solutions, none that were necessarily complicated or expensive, but each worked together towards a bigger picture.

From the moment a soldier now pulls into the CIF parking lot, they are greeted with an LED sign to display the current wait time, and once inside, the soldier can now electronically check-in and begin watching a new training video to better prepare for the process ahead. We installed an active rack system for storing more equipment in less space and made it easily accessible for employees, as well as a changing room for soldiers to conveniently try out equipment before issue.

These solutions leveled out the attendance, helped employees better manage peak busy hours, reduced mistakes and equipment reissues, and greatly improved the experience of every employee and soldier involved. By making the most of the people, technology and space, we we able to tie every square foot of the building into its reason for existence — to better and more efficiently serve our soldiers.

Now THAT’S a Better Way!