Bin Shelving (FrameWRX)

Spacesaver FrameWRX Bin Shelving and Modular Storage Systems. From small parts in a tool room to prescription drugs and other medical supplies in a hospital, it’s true that stuff comes in many sizes and shapes. Bin shelving allows you to organize it, manage it and save space at the same time.

With the FrameWRX storage system, you get the exact storage you need. Your stuff is where, when and how you want it. And FrameWRX changes to fit your storage needs.

Highly customizable and easily movable, the unique design of the FrameWRX storage system adapts easily to meet your changing storage needs. All it takes is your vision for its unlimited storage possibilities to make the FrameWRX storage system exactly what you want it to be — today and tomorrow.

With its highly modular design, the FrameWRX storage system can be configured in an infinite number of ways — giving you endless options for how to store more of any variety of items, as efficiently as possible.

No matter how fast or frequently your storage needs change, the FrameWRX storage system keeps pace. Its shelves, bins, pegs, work surfaces and EZ Rail element can all be rearranged on demand — without tools or fasteners.

With the FrameWRX storage system, you optimize the space you have. Free up more space. Meet unique storage needs within your space limitations. And maximize your long-term storage ROI. Plus, it is easy to install and reinstall, so the FrameWRX storage system can be taken down, moved and quickly reinstalled in another area.

With the innovation of EZ Rail element, the FrameWRX storage system easily accommodates a variety of storage accessories, including hanging plastic bins, peg-board hooks and slat-wall accessories. So you can configure it in as many different ways as you like.

And, with our accessories and customized options, such as work surfaces, shelving, canopy tops, and end panels in a broad range of colors, textures and materials, you can change the look and functionality of the system even more precisely to your needs and environment.

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