Cantilever Shelving

Make room for always changing & expanding storage items with Spacesaver’s Cantilever Shelving Systems.

Cantilever Shelving and Display Systems are ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, as well as many general office applications. Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Cantilever Shelving (also known as Bookstack) offers a comprehensive range of options and storage accessories to meet your specific needs and accommodate a wide array of media formats.

Cantilever Shelving Systems are engineered for stability, strength and rugged functionality. Their sturdy, heavy-gauge steel, welded-frame construction meets or exceeds American Library Association standards for structural integrity. This shelving can be equipped with overhead tie devices engineered for mobile or stationary applications or can be floor anchored to help comply with seismic requirements, providing an extra measure of system stability and safety – even in areas prone to earthquakes.

System installation is fast and easy. Disassembling and reassembling this shelving is a snap, which makes it convenient to reconfigure, relocate or expand as your storage needs change.

Further transform standard cantilever shelving into new applications by incorporating EZ Rail element that supports a wide range of slat wall accessories. The new EZ Rail element creates flexible storage solutions that adapt easily to your evolving requirements. You can use EZ Rail™ element to upgrade existing installations, to give new service life to “obsolete” shelving and to optimize new installations.

These shelving systems are an attractive addition to any décor. Your design options are virtually unlimited. They are available in an imaginative range of colors, as well as end panel materials and finishes, to complement and match any interior. The powder-coat paint finishes are extremely durable, exceeding the stringent scuff, scratch and chip requirements of the American Library Association.

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