We don’t make walls.
We liberate the space between them.

DIRTT — Doing It Right This Time — creates customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. At DIRTT’s core is a set of robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing. DIRTT’s solutions include DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Raised Access Flooring, DIRTT Power and DIRTT Networks, along with cutting-edge ICE® technology, and ICEberg®, a powerful modular vs. traditional construction cost-comparison tool.

How does DIRTT work?
Forget movable. Forget demountable. Think prefab. Custom prefab means our clients can choose a new or existing space, large or small, in the best location for their own clients and employees – no matter the base building itself. DIRTT ensures the technology, aesthetics, agility, comfort and function of the 21st century is on the inside, where it counts.

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