Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving System (Eclipse)

With the Eclipse High Density Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving and Storage System from Spacesaver, you can save space, boost productivity and protect your stuff. All in a system that is easy to configure, simple to use and exceptionally safe.

Eclipse helps keep you and your stuff safe and secure.

We’ve thought a lot about safety, so you don’t have to. The Eclipse Powered System is designed with every safeguard you can think of. And a few you haven’t.

Protection For You:

  • A full range of standard and optional automatic passive, in-aisle safety systems, from waist-high and aisle entry sensors floor-level sweeps.
  • A passive, in-aisle safety system that automatically stops carriage movement when a person enters a moving aisle.
  • A safety system that prevents movement if a person or object is detected in an open aisle.
  • Built-in anti-tip devices add system stability and keep carriages from tipping.

Protection For Your Stuff:

  • Confidential, sensitive or proprietary files or materials can be stored safely and securely in an Eclipse Powered System.
  • You can easily prevent unauthorized access to selected aisles or even the whole compact storage system.
  • Optional TouchPad or key switch controls let you regulate access to restricted aisles.
  • The system can be programmed to automatically close and lock itself.
  • Safety systems detect items left on the floor of an open aisle and the system stops. Once the item is removed from the aisle the safety automatically resets itself.
  • As an option, add environmental sensors, email alerts and electronic links to you building’s fire protection and security systems.

Eclipse is the a la cart Mobile Storage System.

Customize your Eclipse Powered System by adding to its standard features only the options you need and will use right away. Then add more options and functionality as your needs evolve. By eliminating features you won’t use, Eclipse makes powered high-density mobile storage more affordable than ever before.

The Choices Are Yours:

  • Virtually any type of storage units can be mounted on Eclipse mobile carriages – even your existing shelving and cabinets. Works great with Case Style Shelving, 4-Post Shelving and Cantilever Shelving.
  • A choice of control panels lets you set up your Eclipse Powered System precisely to your preferences. Activate your system from the standard face panel control, an optional infrared-capable control or an optional touchpad aisle access control.
  • The optional Power-link remote PC interface capability ensures quick and easy reconfiguring as your needs change.
  • Optional environmental sensors check for temperature and humidity levels and the presence of water near your system and automatically e-mail you if conditions are unacceptable.
  • Optional overhead lighting for safety and convenience.
  • Automatic System Movement Options will let you position carriages just where you want them.
  • Eclipse Mobile Systems are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and end-panel materials. You can also customize end-panels that complement the look and feel of your environment.

Eclipse – More Storage and Higher Productivity

Let’s face it – office space is not cheap. Neither is moving to a new location when you out grow your current office. The Eclipse Powered Mobile ShelvingSystem can practically double your current storage space, or help you store twice as much stuff in the same area. When space is at a premium, you can rely on Eclipse to make sure you have a place for all of your stuff (and your employees too).

But Eclipse is about more than just storage. It’s about access. It’s about getting what you need when you need it. So your staff is more productive and efficient. And your workflow is streamlined. You can quickly see the space, time, and productivity benefits of powering up.

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