Fire Hose Rack

Spacesaver Fire Hose Rack. In emergency response situations, time is of the essence. For Fire Departments, having a proper storage solution for fire hose can help avoid unnecessary fire drills when you are racing out the door to fight a real fire.

Simplicity in design makes the fire hose rack system a cost-effective storage solution to alternative hose storage methods. Store twice as many hoses in less floor space than traditional storage methods, and keep it all neat.

Get organized. Fire hose rack system keeps fire hoses organized, high and dry and ready for action. Neatly stores typical 1-1/2″ (38mm), 1-3/4″ (44mm) and 2-1/2″ (63 mm) hard line hoses. Large diameter hose rack systems also available.

Canopy top shelf provides additional, out of the way, but accessible storage from hard suction sections to hi-rise packs and more. Shelving protects hoses by keeping them upright and wound, cradled in the rack assembly and off the floor. No sharp edges to touch the hose and increased air circulation ensures longer hose life.

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