Gemtrac Tape & Digital Media Cabinets

From Tapes to CDs and DVDs to Micrographics and LTO / DLT Media Formats, there is nothing more important to you than your digital media stuff. That is why we offer Russ Bassett Gemtrac High Density Tape & Media Storage System

The Gemtrac is designed to reduce the floor space required for storage compared to conventional open tape racks. Gemtrac is a high density, quick access storage system that makes the most efficient use of your floor space. Eliminating the wasted aisles required by open rack storage, Gemtrac can help recover up to 70% of the space currently consumed by your tape library.

Gemtrac also boosts productivity by condensing your library into a more compact area, reducing travel time between mounts. In fact, the Gemtrac High Density Tape Library puts up to 5,600 data cartridges within arm’s reach.

A Gemtrac unit consists of two self-contained opposing cabinets linked by overhead tracks. Each cabinet holds pull-out drawers that open into a center aisle. Without taking a step, a tape librarian can stand in the center aisle and immediately reach any of the Gemtrac’s drawers.

The enclosed cabinet design provides protection against dust, light and sprinklers, as well as an optional security lock. Enclosed storage also provides a neat, organized look to your tape library. None of these features are available with open tape racks. Individual Gemtracs, with a total footprint of only 25 square feet, can be combined in a variety of configurations to form an extremely dense and attractive storage environment.

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