Industrial Vertical Carousel (Rotomat)

If you have vertical space, then the Hanel Rotomat Industrial Vertical Carousel is for you! Be it small parts or records, pathology slides or computer parts, mail or bulk items, we have the custom automated materials handling and storage system just for you.

The Rotomat industrial carousel is designed according to the tried-and-tested Ferris wheel model (vertical carousel principle). The materials are brought to the operator and not the other way around – this saves time. Its compact construction allows up to 60% more storage capacity in the same footprint by making use of the available room height – this saves money.

No two industrial vertical carousels are the same, because no two storage challenges are the same. The carrier interior is designed to accommodate the most varied of tasks within production systems and warehouse requirements. Both shelves and mechanical parts are designed to match the size and weight of the storage material. The wide range of accessories, such as containers, shaped inserts, small-parts trays, cutting tool holders, etc., turn the Rotomat into a complete storage and retrieval system. Wise use of space saves money and time.

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