Industrial Vertical Lift (Lean-Lift)

Take advantage of all that vertical warehouse / manufacturing space with a Hanel Lean-Lift industrial vertical storage lift. From small parts to bulk items, optimize vertical space and improve efficiencies.

Industries are striving for maximum efficiencies. Streamlined operating procedures, increased flexibility and lower costs are all part of the plan. The Hanel Lean-Lift vertical storage lift provides a warehouse organization system which reduces work-time, warehouse space and cost – giving you a problem-free work environment.

With a Lean-Lift vertical lift you can reduce your space requirements by over 60%. Utilizing the available ceiling height, the Lean-Lift stores your parts and materials on a height-optimized basis avoiding wasted space. This means maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. In other words: you store more stuff in less space, and save money at the same time.

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