Lateral Bi-Files and Tri-Files

Has your stuff doubled or tripled? Why not try a Bi-File or Tri-File High Density Lateral Sliding Shelving and Storage System from Spacesaver. It works great in alcoves and smaller spaces. With high-density mobile shelving on the job, your tight space becomes simplified, and more spacious. Lateral (or sliding) storage systems, give you extra space where you need it most.

Modular Bi-File systems maximize filing and storage in minimal space. The concept is simple. Two rows of filing equipment placed in nearly the same footprint where there was once, only one. The front shelf sections rest on movable carriages that travel back and forth. This movement allows access to the back row of stationary shelving. The result is a storage system that will increase storage capacity over lateral files within a specific area.

The carriage housing accommodates 4-Post and Case-Style shelving, FrameWRX bin shelving, plus a wide range of existing shelving. Optional overhead anti-tip provides added security and stability. A Tri-File (three row) configuration is also available

Slide after slide, Bi-Files and Tri-Files store more of what you want, where you want it.

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