Lateral File Cabinets (ActiveStor)

From dinosaur fossils, to evidence, to patient care items and files there is nothing more important to you than your stuff. That is why we have several cabinet options to help keep it all handy, organized and safe.

From dinosaur fossils to evidence, from patient care items to typical files, utilize the Lateral File Cabinets by ActiveStor to ensure organized and secure storage.

The ActiveStor Lateral File Cabinet provides combined high value, flexibility, safety and security to meet the changing needs of the information age. These units are available in preconfigured or customized versions to meet your specific storage requirements. This includes multiple drawer configurations, different widths and color options.

Lateral file cabinets feature unmatched quality, superior strength and storage capacity. While preconfigured lateral files provide cost effective solutions for standard requirements, 1-1/2” (38 mm) upright spacing is ideal for nonstandard needs. This concept allows for multiple drawer sizes and custom solutions.

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