Low Profile Mobile Shelving System (Wheelhouse)

When space is at a premium, it becomes difficult to store all of your stuff. That’s where Wheelhouse fits in. It makes the most of your available space. When you get high-density mobile shelving system involved, your space becomes simplified, and more spacious.

Wheelhouse is the low-profile high-density mobile storage system that combines strength and adaptability to solve your storage needs. It makes the most of every inch of your space – and its ramp-less! This rigid compact shelving system packs more of whatever you’re storing into the available space. It can easily be reconfigured to fit new requirements and new spaces. Its efficient design uses less steel and is manufactured from a high percentage of recycled material and low-emitting finishes – it’s both durable and sustainable.

The Wheelhouse mobile shelving system is built on an innovative notion: Engineer a welded wheel housing around compact 3-inch wheels that is designed to directly interlock with the compact shelving assembly. That lets you create a rigid chassis that rides lower, weighs less, and stores more in a lower profile.

You make the choice – Wheelhouse comes in three options:

Powered – Built on Eclipse Powered System technology, the powered Wheelhouse modular mobile shelving systems are the ultimate in safety, reliability, ease of use, and accessibility. With standard lengths up to 16 feet, you can think big. Plug-in-the-wall power makes installation a snap, and the priority aisle feature even can return the system to its most useful default position. Overhead lighting, auto battery backup, aisle entry sensor, and other features add enhanced safety and functionality.

Mechanical Assist – Engineered for top performance, mechanical-assist Wheelhouse low-profile storage systems are available in standard lengths up to 16 feet. The easy-to-adjust chain tensioner ensures smooth, responsive operation. An exclusive anti-drift brake is standard on floorless rail systems. A color-coded safety locking pin on the three-spoke handle is standard. Waist-high lock and hub lock available for added security.

Manual – Offering a maximum 8-foot carriage length, manual Wheelhouse systems are designed for smaller storage applications that require less frequent access. A variety of rail options ensures the smoothest performance. Optional waist-high lock is available to secure the system’s content.

Wheelhouse is lighter, stronger and smarter compact shelving. Simply put, it fits right in!

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