Mobile High Bay System (XTend)

The XTend Mobile High Bay Storage System from Spacesaver. When you need to archive your stuff off-site, XTend is the right choice for the job. With high-density mobile shelving, your off-site space becomes simplified, and more spacious, and your stuff is protected and easy to find.

The space crunch is on: From university libraries to government warehouses to organizations of all kinds, the search for alternative storage options has led to new ways to do more in less space.

Enter XTend: You can transform your on-site space for uses other than storage by archiving materials off site. Designed specifically to take advantage of vertical space found in buildings with high ceilings, the Spacesaver XTend system is the industry’s very first mobile compact storage system. It combines proven, best-in-class high-density storage technology with well-established industrial-grade design concepts.

The outcome: Unequaled levels of off-site storage capacity, space efficiency and cost effectiveness; the ability to store large volumes of materials or records off site and still maintain appropriate access to them; and the freedom to utilize valuable on-site space for more useful or profitable purposes.

Taking efficiency to new heights: Combining simplicity of use and multiple safety features, the XTend Mobile High-Bay Storage System rates as your best choice for off-site storage compared to other available options.

The perfect fit: For buildings with a smaller envelope and footprint, the XTend system can lower your construction costs. And a smaller building footprint also conserves both green space and energy. Combine that with the lowest life-cycle ownership costs and lower operating and energy expenses, you can see how an XTend system will fit perfectly into your next off-site storage project.

Safety rules: You can count on proven, patented safety technology, and construction that exceeds the most stringent National Archives and Records Administration fire suppression standards. Coupled with wire-guided pickers to provide safe, automated retrieval, and you can see that the XTend system is designed and built to protect your people and your stuff.

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