Museum Cabinets

From dinosaur fossils, to plant, amphibian or reptile specimens, there is nothing more important than storing your museum artifacts properly. We give you the tools to do just that – preserving history and the orderly look your environment demands.

Our Viking museum cabinets meet the highest standards of conservation practice and storage for historical artifacts, art objects, textiles, archival materials, scientific specimens and natural history collections. The materials used are approved and proven for museum use. Each product is built with extra rigid construction that assures durability and longevity. A non-reactive, solvent-free, powder coating is applied to provide a quality, smooth finish.

We consider every collection storage problem to be unique. Modern, computerized, flexible manufacturing technology makes it possible to custom design and fabricate most products. This means that we can design your equipment to meet the specific needs of your collection, staff, facility, schedule and budget.

In essence, it is protection for your collection.

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