Patient Server (CoreSTOR)

In Hospitals, the closer the patient care items are, the better the patients. CoreSTOR’s Patient / Nurse Server Cabinets provide quick and easy storage of medical supplies.

CoreSTOR patient server is designed to put 80% of the most frequently used supplies for patient care 10 steps from the bedside.

No need to bother the patients – CoreSTOR extends fully outside the room for easy access to stock patient care supplies. From there those items are available inside the patient room. All the stuff you need is within sight and reach – just steps from the bedside.

Plus, you get to design the type of storage that you need, using 4-Post shelving, FrameWRX storage systems, and EZ Rail. You can also add accessories such as shelves, bins, hooks and pegs, to meet today’s needs, and switch them around to adapt to tomorrow’s changes.

Smooth starts and stops are ensured by durable bearings combined with a proprietary “smooth-stopping” device. This protects supplies and makes opening and closing the unit easy – even when fully stocked.

CoreSTOR patient / nurse server cabinets are configurable with a wide selection of carriage widths and lengths, as well as shelving heights, to accommodate your floor plan and enable you to comply with building codes.

CoreSTOR – Better storage for better care. And it’s built right in.

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