SharkCage Military Storage Containers

In the oceans, a shark cage can protect you from the sea’s apex predator. From storage to transport back at base to operational effectiveness out in the field, no storage option on land is as reliable or resilient as the SharkCage®.

Ammo-certified, it features collapsible sides, easy-access panel doors and self-centering stacking. Strength, dependability and flexibility come standard.

Before deployment, the cage can be easily readied for shipping. It can be secured using standard padlocks – with minimal need for baggage and personal effects, or repacking. Using it in the field translates into additional warehouse space and maximized inventory.

Like the soldiers it serves, the SharkCage has been rigorously trained for durability. Excessive bouncing, toppling and other intensities don’t rattle this cage. Constructed from steel, the Sharkcage can be moved – fully-loaded – via every means you can imagine.


Heavy-duty design, multi-side access, per-shelf strapping and ammunition certification give this creatively designed storage device its rugged personality and multiplicity of usage options. Available in small or large options, it’s incredibly strong and highly reliable.


  • Variety of Sizes
  • Foldable Structure
  • Easy Access
  • Ideal for Ammunition Storage


Compliant with CLASS IIIP material handling regulation, this version of the Sharkcage features secondary containment to collect spills, is collapsible, and offers acid protection.


  • Overflow Capture
  • Foldable Structure
  • Acid Resistant


Offering incredible space utilization, multiple door configurations and custom interiors, this model’s rigid, non-collapsible construction allows for exceptional capacity. Doors that can be operated with one hand are available for easy access. Ask about even more customization options, too.


  • Smart Space Design
  • Multiple Access Set-ups
  • Interior Customization

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