Vertical Office Carousel (Rotomat)

When it comes to well designed storage, ergonomics and access are all part of the plan. Hanel Rotomat Vertical Carousels provide greater storage capacity and will deliver your stored stuff right to you.

As an automated storage and retrieval system, the Rotomat is designed and manufactured based on the tried-and-tested Ferris Wheel model (vertical carousel principle). At the touch of a button, the supplies, files or media are brought to the operator (and not the other way around) – this saves time. Its compact construction allows up to 60% more storage capacity in the same footprint by making use of the available room height – this saves money.

The Rotomat comes with an available inventory management system that helps accurately track stored items. This allows you to build pick lists and project inventory surplus or depletion. The Rotomat is a great fit for several types of facilities, from storing mortgage documents in a bank to sterile supplies in a hospital.

For a storage system that can save floor space, increase productivity, expand inventory control, improve inventory security and create better ergonomics, look to Rotomat. Upward mobility without using a ladder.

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