Weapons Rack II and III

Spacesaver Weapons Rack II and III Storage Systems. From the armory to the barracks or somewhere else all together, weapons access and protection is job one. The Weapons Rack II and III work hard to offer protection and access for guns and scopes.

Keep weapons storage and ammunition storage organized, close at hand and locked down tight with the highly versatile and space-efficient Weapons Rack II and III Storage Systems. This storage solution is designed to ensure weapon storage is secure yet accessible for retrieval and identification of all weapon types.

Weapons Rack II

The Weapons Rack II can accommodate a variety of weapon lengths and is structurally sound enough to store weapons that are 20 pounds, or more.

The Weapons Rack II is a 2-piece design, consisting of a welded frame and butt holder with a separate adjustable barrel rest. The depth of the rack supports weapons with scopes or pistol grips. The barrel rest is painted powder-coat black and dipped in vinyl coating to protect long gun barrels. Weapons Rack II can stand-alone or be secured inside 4-Post and Case Style Shelving. Weapon racks should be placed on a bottom shelf with a minimum depth of 10″. For a complete finished look, add a plain shelf at the top of the rack.

Weapons Rack III

The Weapons Rack III system transforms 4-Post shelving into an instant weapon storage solution for long guns and pistols.

Each Weapons Rack III Kit is available in widths of 30”, 36” 42” and 48”, and includes one (1) base plate [powder-coated in any standard color with black rubber stock pads] and one (1) black vinyl coated barrel rest. The barrel rest adjusts up and down to accommodate a variety of weapon lengths.

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